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Thank you to the engine builders that stopped at Tiry Automotive to day to watch the LST tear down. Mike and Stu from Tesar, Paul from AEC, Donny from B and B and Mike Tiry. Well most of us where on time along with Gregg McKarns, some of the tour staff, and the crew from Tiry Engines. I gave a short talk about why we did this and thought it was important to work with newer technology. Then followed up by Gregg and his thoughts on the containment of costs and to keep the local engine builders involved. Ray from Power Source called early and said he was sorry that something came up and he could not attend. We also talked about the new MSD box and how it would aid us in checking and tech on these new engines.

Thank you Mike for the snacks and others you provided.

Then we started the tear down.....Only one problem. Jay was in Montello, Marshfield, Miami or some other town that started with an "M". After the 2nd call for directions the LST showed up and the Tiry crew jumped right on it.

Did a quick leak down test and it showed 3 cylinders where down between 10 and 30 percent.

Mike explained the front dress on the engine and why we chose that as the staff disassembled the parts of the engine. Timing chain did show some wear, but again with over 4000 laps no one seemed to be to concerned. Heads looked good, valves ok, did show some signs of valve seal wear and a couple of the builders talked about how to solve that problem down the road and a slacker was talked about for the timing chain.

Most builders liked the CNC porting and the cost from Lingenfelter for the cylinder head program.

Push rods, trunnions, lifters, valve springs, and others all looked good.

Turned engine upside down after the removal of the pan. Looked clean with no parts in bottom.....Always a good sign. Rod caps looked good and pistons looked ok other than one stuck top ring. I believe it was number 5 cylinder that also showed the most leak down. Again the engine builders talked about ways to improve that problem. The rod bearings showed a little sign of wear but no scuffing or major problems and again the builders talked about some changes that could be made.

Pulled main caps and Mike Tesar noted some crank shaft walking but after closer inspection and laps on the engine thought it was not to much out of the ordinary. As it is some what common on alloy block engines. Again the builders talked about how to come up with a better solution on maybe a bearing change to solve the problem also noted some heat tracking on one of the main caps. Pulled crank and some noted that the stock cast crank looked good and had very little wear at all. Upper bearings looked fine.

Paul from AEC noted on some of the Road Course engines they build they also do some other changes and it could also be incorporated in the engine package. Donny from B and B said a different type of coated bearing may also help on some of the heat on the one main cap and it maybe just as affordable as what we now had.

Had a long talk about the LS3 style block and the upgrades from that block to the older block. Paul and both Mike's talked about no one has yet seen any block webbing breaks as the new block seems to be much stronger than the early alloy blocks.

Had a short talk with all about the engine package and wear we saw and most thought it was normal. Most of the tour staff left after that to head down to Pathfinder. The engine builders and crew from Tiry stayed for at least a couple of more hours to discuss what we could do and make it better, some options for parts, and what we needed to keep this an affordable package for years to come. We will have a follow up meeting in a week and talk about any changes that could help the program and maybe make it more affordable with out changing the reliability of the package.

Went to lunch and talked about the program and the way we need to prepare for the next steps of rules and implementing the program.

Did get a call from Mike after I got home and they did magnaflux crank, and checked the rods, and found no problems. This was the note from Mike Tiry to me.

" We magnafluxed the crank, checked out good no cracks , and measures same as when it was new, rods checked good also no cracks , bores measured real good , no wear , valve guides measured real good and were real square - no taper. 14 springs test 5lbs apart, 2 springs test 10lbs less than what they were new ."

Thank you to all that helped today. A lot of information was shared. Was a very informative day and a lot of knowledge was shared. Thank you again to all involved and who took the time to work and help move forward with project LST.


5*  Thanks for all the awesome support and strong power!    Chris Quam

5*  Engine makes good smooth power from one end of the straightaway to the other. Thanks guys.    Rob Maule

​5*  Mike and crew built my Is6 clone 500hp for my 69 chevelle.    Scott Fritz

5*  Very fair and honest man.  
​         Kevin Seidler

5 Star's from:

  Dan Bohnsack
  Ben Kuhn
  Devin Wild
  Jason Schilling
  Bubba Paris

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What is the LST Engine People have asked?

LS 3 Platform- 6.2 Liter V8 all Alloy GM based Super Late Model engine.
Crankfire with Proposed Rev. Limits of 7600 RPMS 
May be built as an Injected or Carb based Engine
Short block, Stock Crank, Mahle Pistons and Molnar Rods
Lingenfelter LS 3 Ported Cylinder heads
Holley Carb, MSD 6014 Ignition Box (new style soon to be out) 
First test run results on the test Dyno is 478 HP.

Much like the ACE Engine any approved engine builder may build this package under the guide lines spec'd out in the build

We have used the LS based engine to help bring short track racing into the 20th Century. By using some of the technology that is now available to us in the racing world.

We hope by using this platform and the ability to have local engine builders use this platform it will keep them alive and well. They have helped many of us for years.

No engine built today has an iron block. They are almost impossible to find used any more and new ones are more expensive than this block is. We have decided to work on what will be around for years and GM has this block in its line up until the year 2023 and maybe beyond.

The SPEC or SEAL program is good and works well but to us the ACE engine also does the same. We also believe and are working towards having this as a competitive engine with out making it better than what we have now. So you do not have to go out and buy a new one. As with many of our shows and others around have proven many engine packages can run together and be very competitive. Just last week again a 9-1engine won a race. We have no problems with the use of any of our engine packages we now have.

We will spend much of this year testing and should have a complete build list out shortly. Thank you to the many people and companies who helped out in this test program.

We have not totaled up this unit complete as we did have much help in the build but believe we are still under our 15.000.00 proposed price.


ARCA Midwest Tour
State Park Speedway
Marshfield Motor Speedway
Slinger Speedway

JVDG Racing, Mike Tiry, Tim Schwanke,
Holley Performance, Earls, MSD, AR Bodies,
oosier Racing Tires, Quarter Master, Klotz Fuel,
QA1, Comp Cams, Molnar, Schoenfeld Headers,
Lingenfelter, Mahle, E3, Accel, JEGS, Coleman,
Oberg, Stark Chevrolet, Schaffers Oil,
Lefthander Chassis, Barnes Pumps,
​Wehrs Machine and the whole Van Der Geest Racing Team.